Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z week three B is for Beyond

The Creative Life A thru Z

 week three

Jean Hart Artwork

If you will allow yourself to go beyond your imagination,
 you will be surprised by all the interesting things that will bubble up!

You have made it to the B week

B is for ~  Beyond

This week we are going to go beyond our imaginations. 
Just like our many names described who we are,
 our stories shape where we are connected. 
As time goes by, we enter into different chapters of our lives,
 people come and go, family expands or decreases, 
and we are older and wiser.  
Your story, past, present, and future. 

This week you will need:
1. Your lined Journal
2. Paints, markers, pens, etc...
if you wish to express yourself in that way.
3. Bubbles
This weeks assignment:

Writing your truth

1.  Write your story past and present in the first three (3) pages. 
2. The next pages are for the life you would like to live Beyond this point.
a. What would you like to be doing?
b. Where would you like to be?
c. Why do you want this for yourself?
d. When do you see this happening? 

In my experience with writing this way, 
I found that even if I went a little beyond the real possibility of this happening, there still was some truth to it.

It's play time, time to go beyond your imaginations. 
1. Think of three intentions that will help you make this future life story possible. I always like to start these intentions with the words "I will..."
2.  You will need a bottle of bubbles for this.
Say your intentions out loud before blowing a bubble, 
or blow your intentions silently into the bubble.
Watch it float up into the sky,
and once the bubble has burst 
your intention has been released  
into the universe.
3. Do this again and again until the bottle of bubbles are gone.

As always have fun with this. 
Be Inspired,
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