Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 23, of the 28 Days To a More Magnetic Life

Day 23, 28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
I'm back!! What a great time we had at NASCAR in Las Vegas. This was our 3rd time going with Sarah and Steve, so I guess it's a tradition now.
Sunny Days in the high 70's , we all got sunburned.
Lucky all our drivers made it in the top 10. YEAH!!!!
Today is
True Deserving
I love this one, I also love this quote on the picture,
" Today I affirm and embrace my unconditional worthiness. I'm completely deserving of beautiful blessings just as I am."
I love this, yes I am deserving and worthy. There may have been a time when I did not believe this, or thought that I had to sacrifice for the family. But, I'm older now. I have needs that must be meet and put on the priority list. Just yesterday we were in Costco and they have their bathing suits out. I put one in the basket and Kerry said "you already have plenty of suits.". ....No, the ones I have are fading and the stretched. I want to look good and feel good while I exercise. ....Oh, it's my weakest flaw, I love fashion. But, my point is, in the past I would have put it back. Thinking I shouldn't spend the money, or yes I have a bathing suit and it does what it needs to do.
Unconditional worthiness, begins with ME.
" Seeing yourself as deserving is essential to both your happiness and your magnetism. If you don't believe that you're worthy, your desires will be driven by fear, and your ability to receive will be conditional at best. but your deserving doesn't come from things like a special degree or a fancy car, or anything else external to your soul. Your worthiness comes from your Divine legacy, your eternal identity. You're a child of God, and your value never varies."
Did you catch the last sentence, "You're a child of God, and your value never varies."
I have learned a great deal about the value of eating correctly. I use to buy very genetic food and cheap foods. But, since I have been on this journey to lose 100 lbs and exercising,  and getting healthier. I can tell you I deserve to eat well. Eating a better quality of food tastes better, and without knowing it, I eat less because it is just more satisfying.
This is making me feel better and deserving. So when I say, I need a better fitting bathing suit, it's not because I just want it. It's because I deserve it by putting in the swimming time EVERYDAY.
Deserve and want are different things. But, again, those that know me, Know I say you can have both. Both and anything you want, if you plan for it.
I could have a new bathing suit for everyday of the year, if I save the money, continue to swim everyday and do my part to be worthy of it.
Just wanting things, is not being deserving, or worthy. That's how I see it.
OH, my tax lady says my business can continue next year. Jean Hart Artwork lives on!!
Why, because, I do the work, not because I want it to and think I deserve it to just continue on.
That's the difference for me.
2. redefine your worthiness according to the fundamental truth of your Divine legacy. Know that this eternal connection is the source of your receiving. Unite with this source and open up to the joy, success, love, and real gratification that your true identity deserves."
Affirmations for True Deserving
"My spirit is strong and present. Divine love and unconditional deserving are with me now."
This day has been more personal. Thinking of myself as worthy and deserving is a hard lesson. I have put myself behind everyone for a long time. It is not an easy lesson, and believe me, sometimes I sound selfless. I just have to ask myself , why I think I deserve it or what is my worthiness to it.
I will share this with you. When I find something that brings me joy and happiness, it is not only me who benefits from it. My family is truly enjoying my bucket list, because most of the time I bring them along with me. :-)
Be Inspired,
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