Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z, E is for Environment

The Creative Life A thru Z

 Week Six 

E is for Environment
Jean Hart Artwork
Tree house 

One day I came home from work and there in the tree, next to the driveway was my son hammering away at slats of wood,  he was making a tree house out of the of wood he found around the house.  He has long since grown up and moved on to his own home. But, the tree house has stayed. It's filled with birds now. 
Not a day goes by that I don't look out my studio window and see that tree house and think of my son. I have painted this tree house a few times in paintings. 

Journal Activity:

1. Look out your windows. What do you see?
2. Pick a window and draw what you see, using the 
window frame as the boundaries for the painting. 
3. If you like it, transfer the drawing to a canvas and paint it. 

E is for Environment
Enjoying a clean environment is essential to having a creative life. 
Cleaning up is just put of life and being able to find what you need when you need it, is awesome
Studio Assignment:
1. Go through your materials and organize them.
Throw out old paint tubes, brushes, bits of pastels......
2. Arrange what is most used where you can easily find them. 

E is for Earth
Journal writing:
There are probably 101 ways to help the earth. 
For this week, look up ways you can incorporate an environmentally friendly idea into your own life.  
Find a task and write about it after you have completed the task. 
1. Is it something you think you can continue doing ? 
2. Is it something you are not already doing? 
3. How does it make you feel to do this task? 

Amazing things happen when you sit still and relax
Two Minutes in Natue

As always have fun with the Creative Life A thru Z
Be Inspired,