Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 9 to a more magnetic life

Day 9
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Jean Hart, Artist
I hope your holidays were all you hoped them to be.
Mine was spent with family, fun and great food.
I have been busy with the holidays, but now it's time to get back to work.
I was hoping to have this done before the New Year, but I don't see that happening.
Today's intention is Optimism.
I love this as the year ends. I have such optimism for the new year that I'm ready to rush through this last week of 2013.
Well, that will not do, if I'm trying to stay in the present!!
"One of the most magnetic energies that you can project is the vibration of optimism, which is the choice to really focus on the positive potential of your life. It's the conscious decision to engage in trust in the future as a daily attitude."
I'm reminded of something my son said to me.
"Do something today, so that my future me is happy."
That sounds simple, but, look at it with purpose and a plan starts to form.
Just think of a few things you can do today; Save a little money, not eat so much sugar, walk around the block. Imagine what just those few things will do for you and your future now looks OPTIMISTIC!
I watched a TED Talk about changing your life in 30 days. I know your thinking, how many 28, 30 day programs is this girl on??
TED Talk, have changed my life. Once I found them, I committed myself to watching one a day.
This one that I will share with you today, has already started its magic on me.
I think optimism has everything to do with making and sticking to plans.
Activities for Promoting Optimism
She offers three, I picked number 2
2. Create a new intention in your life. Affirm: I assume the best, and I'll deal with the rest. This will project self-reliant confidence. Know that the future will be fine, and if anything does come up, you have all the resources you'll need to handle it."
Optimism, I don't think it's just the act of positive thinking. Let me tell you about something that just happened to me last week.
Kerry and I were eating dinner at the hotel restaurant. We both had a glass of wine. My glass was empty and in my mind, I'm thinking when the girl comes back I will order another glass of wine.
Before she came back to us, a gentleman from across the room comes up to us with his bottle of wine and says to us. "I ordered a bottle of wine and will not be able to drink it by myself, may I pour you a glass and share my wine with you?." Thank YOU, Universe, Yes, please.
I don't know if this is positive thinking or optimism, But sure enough Kerry says, things like this only happen to you!!
I say, be clear about your intentions, really want what you are asking for, and learn to say yes, and receive graciously.
Optimistic Affirmations
"Every morning, I renew my optimism about the day ahead. Each and every day is a wonderful opportunity to create joy and value for myself and others."

I have great optimism for my life, my energies, my family, and  my work.
Let the beauty of who you are guide you to love what you do.
What's on my list for today
1. Setting my New 2014 calendar to work
2. Taking care of someone who is not feeling so good today.
3. Signing up for LOVE LETTERS TO MYSELF
(I will explain that one some other time.)
Be Inspired,
Heading North, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork