Monday, December 23, 2013

The Paris Dog

The French Culture
and their
Autumn Leaves, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork,*
My house is full of cats. It's a funny story how I ended up with so many cats, but that's for another day or blog.
Kerry always had dogs. But after our beloved Duchess past on we decided not to get another dog until Kerry has more time to train it.
So, atlas, Kerry has turned into a cat person.
The French people love their dogs.
True or False
Dogs are not allowed on the grass at Pairs parks?
Canines once roamed freely with their masters in the parks, but the unwillingness of owners to pick up after them led to a ban on pooches on the grass. Those who allow their dogs to relieve themselves on the streets without picking up after them are also on the wrong side of the law and risk fines of hundred of euros.
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