Thursday, December 5, 2013

Live auction, Let It Snow

New season painting.
live au
I am starting something new. Many of you have heard about the paint a day movement. Well, this is not that. There is no way I can paint a painting each I would not want to set you up to come here looking for a new painting from me everyday. However, I do paint a lot. I want to start offering my original paintings to you here on live auction.
If you find a painting you like, just email me here and I will put your bid on the list. By private message email I will let you know if you have won.
These will be big or small and you will pay the S$H price.
Let the auction begin.
I'm excited, how about you?
Be inspired,

just email me at

Let It Snow
8" x10" unframed,
starting bid at

First Snowfall
acrylic, 8" 10" unframed
Be Inspired,