Friday, June 13, 2014

The Second Season of Change

The Second Season of Change
Wisdom cards by
Caroline Myss
I have been visualizing for years. I have many tapes on meditation and just recently I have been using binarial beats to connect my mind/body to work together. When I slipped my L5 disc, I made a journal of the process of healing. This is a picture I made of myself listening to the tapes. Seriously, I believe that it helped. Along with all the other therapies I was doing and still do.
" Visualize yourself as a completely healthy person, inside and out. Do one thing that brings you closer to achieving that state. Your goal: to do whatever it takes to become the healthiest you possible!"
 Yes, this is so true. Changing my priorities about my health has been huge. I do not give up my morning meditation easily. Even when I'm on vacation. If it means I have to get up an hour earlier than everyone else to sit in meditation I do it.
This is a cane I bought at FISH, for 1.00.
Let me explain. I watched a movie called "Enchanted April" the story goes the Forrest on the property is the result of wooden canes given up by their owners and pushed into the soil and eventually they became trees. Of course there is more to the movie then that but I find the symbolism to work for me.
I bought this cane and I plan on sanding it down, decorating it, and then pushing it into the soil next to my olive tree in my garden.
What will this represent for me?
Giving up my crutch and becoming healthy, standing on my own two feet.
I'm giving up the pain, the sadness for a body that no longer does what it use to, now accepting it for what it can do for me. Knowing full well that I decide how my body and mind work together and that being the caretaker of my new body will take some work, understanding and compassion.
The dedication I have to being the strongest I can be now is the transformation I am doing this years. I am setting down the ground work and make the routines a lifestyle.
Later I will post the picture of my final cane and where I have placed it in the garden.
For Tonight, Friday the 13th and a Full Moon.
I plan on having a fire meditation tonight in the light of the full moon.
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