Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mary Alice Park, labyrinth

Mary Alice Labyrinth
Twin Falls, Id
Sarah and I took off for 2 days to have an adventure.
We went to Twin Falls for a little girls retreat.
Top on our list was visiting the Mary Alice Park, labyrinth. I had no idea what it was going to be like. It is this beautiful garden in the middle of old town.
Everywhere on the path was a chair, bench, statue, and in the center was a beautiful waterfall.
It was so calm and peaceful. We walked the labyrinth, sat in the middle enjoying the waterfall, and then went to sit in the shade by the mural.
While we were there a few people came in to walk and sit and be in the silence.
They have been working on this park for six years. The one great thing we noticed was that it had not been vandalized. It has a little iron gate you walk through, not locked, it's free and no one is there to monitor you.
It's the best kept secret in Twin Falls.
Check out the pictures of how they made it.
Be Inspired,