Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Naked Yoga Retreat Part 1

My Naked Yoga Retreat
Times are Changing, acrylic, Jean Hart
Part 1
Each year my daughter and I go somewhere together during her spring break.
This year she called me to say, "Mom, I just heard of a place in California I would like to go. Here is the name and number. Can you make us reservations?"
We have started to practise yoga and last year we went to Wanderlust and had a blast. Yoga classes with master teachers, workshops on meditation, pool parties, and met some wonderful people.
So I said Yes.
Here is how my reservation conversation went.
Harbin Hot Springs.
Me: Hello, I would like to make reservations to stay during the week of spring break.
HHS: Great, would you like to stay in the yurts?
Me: No.
HHS: Are you interested in  tent camping?
Me: No. I would like a room.
HHS: Okay, we have dormitories available with the bathroom down the hall.
Me: Oh, I was hoping for a room with a bed and private bath.
HHS: Yes, we have those.
Me: ( oh, thank goodness), Ok lets do that.
HHS: Have you ever stayed with us before.
Me: No.
HHS: Welcome, we have a few rules just so you know. This is a computer free environment, no cell phones, no camera, no kindles, We have kitchens for you to cook your own food, it's only vegan, no meat allowed. But we did offer a restaurant that services vegetarian food. There is no alcohol and smoking only in permitted areas.
Me: Wow, sounds great.
HHS: We have hot spring pools and massages too. We are know for our water massages, the watsu.
Me: Great, I would love to try that.
HHS: Oh one more thing. We are a clothes optional facility. too?
HHS: No, just around the hot springs.
Me: ok lets do this.
Be Inspried,