Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art Lesson

Jean Hart Artwork 
Art Lesson for today.

Because I'm an artist, I get art supplies for gifts. I think it's really cool because people find the most interesting things. 
This particular gift is 
"the Artist's Muse"
Unlock the door to your creativity. 
by Betsy Dillard Stoud
When ever I'm feeling a little stuck in my creativity I open this box and pull out 3 cards and create from them. 

Here are my three cards for today. 
Create with me if you would like.
I would love to see what you make.

1.  Doors of Awareness, Do a painting of signs. 
2. Circles of Growth, Do a painting using only Cadmium Orange and a tube of black.
3. Windows of Opportunity, Choose your subject and paint a grisaille, A grisaille, refers to a value painting done in grays. Use three grays, light gray, a mid tone gray and very dark gray of black. Use the white of the paper for you lightest light if using watercolor. If using acrylic, use white gesso, or Titanium White. After the grays dry, glaze one transparent pigment over the entire surface. 

Now, you can create one big painting using all three ideas, or you can do each card separately. 
Your the artist so as always it's up to you.
Be Inspired,