Thursday, April 30, 2015

No more braces for me

It's been a year. My transformation with my teeth is complete. 
How important is it to have a beautiful smile? 
What would you do to smile with confidence? 

For the last year I have gone to the orthodontist to work on straightening my teeth. 
To the outsider my teeth looked just fine. 
But, what was happening was that because of certain medicine I was taking for H/B my gums were swollen up and my teeth were moving in all directions. 
All I could think of was all those years in braces and thousands of dollars my parents spent on my teeth were soon to be wasted. 
The straight, shining white smile was soon to be gone. 
If you know me and have been around me, you know that I'm all about smiling and laughing. 
I did not want to suddenly start taking pictures with a closed mouth smirk or hand over my mouth, 
 just to hide my teeth. 
I'm not doing the adult braces to look like a movie star....
It was explained to me that in order to save my teeth sometimes moving them well help them hang on. 
So, off the the dentist I went. 
I have regular visits, plus embraced the popular teeth whitening regiment ( the Crest strips are great) , but what could I do for the moving teeth. 
I know, I can hear you now. Jean, your 60 minus 8 months years old .
 Why would you put yourself through this? 
Because I want to be 80 + years with my teeth in tact. 
When I went to talk to my dentist my options were simple.
Try Invisalign, the invisible braces that are more like a clear cover that corrects teeth.
I have been wearing an Invisalign for eight months. 
Just this week I got my permanent retainer put in.
Truth, not so happy with it. It is a wire bonded to the back of my teeth to hold them in place, FOREVER!
I'm sure it will just take time to get use to. The benefits will out weigh the discomfort for now. 
Would I do this again? 
It's a big commitment, and yes I would. Because for me, there is nothing more beautiful and authentic then a confident smile. 
Is having a a beautiful smile that important? 
when are you too old to care about your teeth? 
Be Inspired,