Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Naked yoga Retreat Part 2

My Naked Yoga Retreat
Part 2
True North, acrylic, Jean Hart 
I've been home for about two weeks and I have been trying to put into words what my spring break trip was like.
Harbin Hot Spring was not what we were expecting.
We are more like city girls going on a girls spa vacation.  
What we got was so much more.
Because there are no cameras or cell phones allowed I could not take pictures.
Here is a site with everything at the Harbin Hot Springs.
The first thing we noticed is that we never knew what time it was.
We did not have our phones and neither of us wore our watches.
In fact, for me watches have become more of a fashion statement then really relying on them for time. I can't stand being late for anything. This was going to be my first lesson.
With no clock in the room, we missed a few early morning  yoga classes. 
 I quickly learned where the clocks were hanging.
My second lesson, was that, If you pack it, you must carry it.....and I mean pack and load up a step hill to the three story staircase to our room!!!
Once we were unpacked and settled in we drove up to the "domes" to experience the famous Watsu massage.
This is an amazing massage. Floating in the water, twisted, and turned and guided.
After driving two days to get here it was a well chosen therapy.
Harbin Hot Springs has enough to do each day that you do not have to leave the area.
Each day they have yoga classes, each afternoon they have workshops, and in the evening there is a theater that is free.
I walked the labyrinth and the garden,  participated in workshops about new ideas in the Temple. I had one of my best yoga classes, the teacher played an instrument and sang to us.
In three days with each day different then the one before it I hardly cared that people were not wearing clothes. My biggest growth was physical growth I,  just because it was not easy to get around to the events. Harbin is built on a mountain side so everywhere you went was a hike up or down hill, and stairs, stairs, stairs. Yoga classes were my least concern, just getting to the class was exercise enough.
But I did it. I climbed the stairs, the hills, and lugged my suitcases.
I may not go back to Harbin, but I'm sure glad I went this spring break.
Be Inspired,