Sunday, April 19, 2015

Everything About Paris

Everything About Pairs
Paris smarts 
Off the Beaten Path
Monoprix is a :
A. Department store
B. Single -lap auto race
C. Raised rail system
D. Prepaid menu

A Department Store 
A well-kept secret of Paris fashionistas, Monoprix offers store-brand fashion worn quietly by the coolest of the cool. The best part is the price: surprisingly inexpensive. While you're there, you can also shop for groceries and items such as soap, kitchen utensils, jams and more. 

I love that even in Paris there are department stores. 
I love to shop but living in a rural town I don't always find what I need. 
I am a big fan of homemade soaps, soaps from France, and Italy.
 One of my favorite soaps is made with olive oil. 
Spring is fashion time in Paris and I have been watching all the videos on the new fashions coming out.
I love to see that the 60's style is making a return. 
It looks like the A-line shift is making a return. 
Now, I can remember sewing something similar in my home eco. sewing class. 
If I dig down deep enough I might even find the McCall pattern I used. 
Yes, It looked something like this dress. 
This spring fashions are fun and I think I'm ready to dust off my sewing machine.
Be Inspired,