Sunday, April 26, 2015

Second Season of Change, Break Negative Habits

Second Season of Change
Wisdom for
cards by
Caroline Myss

Break Negative Habits.
It's been awhile since I blogged about the transformation I'm on.
Maybe because things started to get busy, or maybe because during the holidays I started to gain weight. 
The thing about transformation is that it's on going. 
Did I really think there would be an ending to this? 
Many goals were reached last year. Many of course were not.
It was the not reached goals that got me down.
So, this new card for today and the first card I pulled for this year is perfect. 
I almost immediately went back to old habits.
Just like an old friend, I fell with them and felt comfort by them. Along with some guilt because I knew that it was wrong to hang out with the chip bag, the cookie jar, the hours of TV, even if I was watching documentaries, not walking, swimming, yoga.
So, the downward spin began. One month, two months, three months....
oh now its April and I have lifted my head up and here I am.
Back to looking for words of wisdom for healing.
Today's Lesson:
Be cognizant of one negative practice you engage in that causes you to lose power, and work on changing that situation. This could be thinking negative thoughts, overeating, or being constantly late.

She hit that right on for me....
Your Goal::
to recognize that modifying or releasing unproductive habits can be challenging and even unpleasant, but it's essential that you do so. 

Essential. So Yes, I'm back to looking at my health in a different way. 
The joint pain that will not go away, the fatigue that makes me just want to stay in bed, the foggy feeling of not being able to concentrate. I will start with the food I eat, then the exercise I do, then the things that must be power through.  
I read a medical journal that said for every year you live with chronic pain you lose 5-11 percent of grey matter in your brain. Well, for me times that by 15 years. 
So, I now have signed up for Luminosity. Brain games to help restore your brain.
I know I will get old, but I want to take my brain with me. 
I am also addicted to Trivia Crack an app on my phone, along with a app to play backgammon. 
I have reinstalled my Lose It and added MapMyWalk . 
Break Negative Habits
releasing unproductive habits will be my one item on my list this week. 
The question is not Who am I,? it's Who Do YOU want to be? 
Be Inspired,