Sunday, July 13, 2014

Third Season of Change, Choose to Heal

Third Season of Change
Wisdom cards
Caroline Myss
Today's Card
"Choose to Heal"
How amazing since this whole year is about just that, Choosing to Heal.
Everything I have chosen this year is a decision about going forward and being happy, healthy, strong and alive.
The past six months has been about finding an activity that not only I can do physically, but keep up  in my routine. Some thing I can live with.
The levels of transformation was not just about physical strength, ideal weight, and reducing medications.
The other parts of transformation was about developing a healthy mental, spiritual, and financial ideal of me to open myself to the world.
Surprisingly even fashion jumped in and turned itself to me.
Today's Lesson:
This is a day to reflect on troubling emotions and transform them in a positive way. Identify one unresolved area of anger or hurt and ask yourself why you're still not a peace. Focus on how much power you lose to negative feelings.
I did not see this lesson coming with the title of "choose to Heal". I will have to work with my moring journals and trun the pages to negative feelings in the past. I will write and write and write until the answer comes to me. As I have been starting to develop a more active routine, I have come to the realization I can not wait on others to decide to go with me. My interests are my own, my hobbies are isolated, and my energies are sporadic. 
Your Goal today:
To realize you choose to stay angry when you can choose to heal.
I will have to say that this card is hard. Anger is not really an emotion I'm in. I'm sure something gets me upset.....but somehow I talk though it and get on with life. It comes from being so quite in my life. I have not given in to many of my passions. My convictions are not so strong that I can not be talked away from them. As I write this I see this is not a good quality. I think it may come from a depression I have lived with for more then 30 years. It's not over the top depression, just a mild 'I don't care" attitude I carry with me. I think my goal is more about asking myself "What do you care about?, What will you do about it? How will you change?   I need to find my passion.
With all that said, This angry card is something I will have to get my journal out and start asking hard questions. This is going to be the mental and spiritual level of transformation.
Anger Management.
Making myself clear.
Understanding why I want something.
What makes me frustrated?
What am I resisting?
What excites me?
Wisdom cards are tough!!! I will start with Ted Talks on  subjects like self awareness, depression, anger, passion. Usually I start with one talk and it spurs another talk in a different direction.
Be Inspired,