Thursday, July 3, 2014

Interview with an Artist, Jean Hart

Interveiw With An Artist

Jean Hart
Jean Hart Artist 
Within life lies a chance to adapt..
What kind of artist are you?
With a New Year I always look to the past to see how I did last year and what I can do better this year.
Many things have change in my life in the last 15years. I have had to adapt over and over again.
I am reminded of a quote I read from Don Bania, Jr.
"life is a precious gift..within every tragedy lies an opportunity".
It is so true, if I had not hurt my back and was forced to quit a job I loved, I would never have become an artist.
Over the years my artwork has taken on different styles, strokes, mediums and expressions.
I have no doubt that as I grow as an artist my artwork will expand and grow too.
When I first started to paint,  I wanted to do portraits. I love people and used my children as models.
I thought then that I would be come a portrait artist.
As my interest in art grew I moved on the landscapes and birds..
After so many years of painting I'm still trying to decide what kind of artist I am.
My mediums change, my prospectives have changed and my responsibility to art has changed.
Being a self taught artist means that I am constantly reading new books on art technique and art history.
What will I be doing this year, 2014?
Private Painting Parties, with my daughter Sarah.

I will be adapting to a life of working full time as an artist. Up to now I have only seen myself as someone who likes art, plays around with paint, and has been pretty lucky to have a following of people like my art.
I have been given this chance to paint, once again because of recovery, and, I now must adapt again.
So to all the new friends I've made and people watching me, I say.
Sometimes change is a good thing.
I was reading Don's story, and at first you think how sad a young boy has a devastating motorcycle accident that leaves him paralyzed from the shoulders down. He goes into deep depression, and than comes out of it saying."My brokenness made me aware of my desperate need for God."
He starts drawing, with using only his mouth to hold the pencil. Teaches himself to draw, he spends over 100 hours on one painting.
Well, I say, bravo, the human spirit will pull you through.
Accept the changes in your life, after you have fight against them and let your spirit shine.
Be Inspired,