Saturday, July 5, 2014

What My Soul Wants Me To Know

What My Soul Wants Me To Know
Being the change I want see
Soul Coaching
cards by Denise Linn
Today's card is
"I soar into limitless love, light, and joy!?
Card meaning: You're at the precipice of a huge, positive breakthrough! Everything that you've been doing for the past few years has been preparing you for this time. An immense self-realization is on its way. Something for which you've waited a long time is about to come to fruition!
More then ever do I believe that my soul knows how to heal itself.
I went in for my six month check up, blood tests and the results.
Everything came up, went down, and all landed in the normal column.
I am no longer "pre-" anything.
So, what do I think of my card on once again.
I have been pushing myself to become more physical and strong. I started yoga, and swimming. Kerry and I signed up to walk 5K's this summer.
Kerry and I at the Freedom 5K Run, I came in 12 in my age group, Kerry was 4th.
Little did I know that all of this was just a prerequisite for the
"Lazyman Triathlon".
Sarah and I will be adding Run/walking 26.2 miles, swimming 2.5 miles, biking 112 miles,
to our yoga routine for the month of July.
Sarah and I racking up the walking miles on our way to yoga

Your Soul wants you to know: Fruit drops from the tree when it's ripe, flowers open to the day when the sun rises, and a bird's egg cracks open when it's time. Everything that you've been doing has prepared you for the coming breakthrough. Quit standing on the cliff wondering what you should do. Jump off.

Yes, trust in your soul, get past the fear and do it anyway. It helps to have a partner when you are daring to do things you only thought you could daydream about. It doesn't matter that I have to go to the chiropractor each week, that I must sit on ice, heat, and use a TENS unit. It doesn't matter that I wrap and rub and limp along some days.
What matters is I show up. I prepare, I plan, I'm positive.
Oh, don't get me wrong, there are some days that my family believes in my ability more then I do. 
Thanksfully,  they wait patiently for me to catch up to their faith in me.
I'm grateful for my family, my instructors and my friends.
" Everything that you've been doing has prepared you for the coming breakthrough. "
Yes, and my preparing has taken me the last 2.5 years!!
Keep moving forward, Keep a smile on your face, there will be set backs, Keep your goals in front of you, and share them.
Be Inspired,