Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Still Bored with your coffee?

Designer Paper Coffee Cups by Jean Hart
Still Bored with your coffee?
Did you know that the average American drinks a total of 200 gallons of coffee each year?
Or so says David Schmidt's imagination.
Whatever the statistics is I'm sure it changes daily.
americans like their coffee, lattes and cappuccino's.
A new art form is to draw on top of the foam of a latte.
Flowers, hearts, rosettes, amimals and even faces can be seen in the foamy canvas.
There is even a international competition for Batista's to compete in this form of art.
This got me thinking about the paper coffee cup. While the Batista's do not normally draw a picture in the paper coffee cups, I thought why not draw on the paper cup.
So I did just that.
But than someone said, "What a shame to throw away such beautiful artwork." . This got me to thinking maybe I could do something else with the cups.
So I have painted them up, put them on wooden bases and cut a hole in the top and turned them into BANKS!!
I will be offering my original fine art coffee cup banks for $25.00.
If you are interested in buying one, please contact me here or a

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