Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vision Boards, their your future

My digital vision board, created by Jean Hart
Vision Boards....
What is a vision board?
 It is a way for you to create the life you want by collecting images
and making a collage of the things you want.
It is your future. 
Above is my digital vision board.
I layered the background with a painting of California poppies I did in color pencil. 
Then started to add words that inspire me.
In the past I have made vision boards that are much larger and much more elaborate.
I start with a large piece of poster board.
Next, I meditate on what I see my future to be.
I ask these questions.
What kind of life do I want to create for myself? 
Where do I see myself in a month, six months, a year? Or longer.
1. start with a large poster board.
2. I like to divide the board into compartments;
 Home, health, knowledge, finances, travel.
Come up with your own ideas.
Remember, this is your future life, not your life now.
3. I start looking through magazines for I can cut out and glue onto the board.
Be specific. If you want a new car, cut out a picture of the exact car you want. Not just any car.
4. If you can't find photos of what you want, then draw it. Or write it on the board.
5. I love words so I always find quotes that inspire me.
6. Use paints, pens, stickers, photos, glitter, ribbons.
Whatever you need to dress this board up so it reflects your image of the future.
7. Next, I like to make a plan. I turn the board over, I draw two lines straight down the board from top to bottom. I pick three things from the front of the  board I want. 
 I number  1-3 in each column, and list  three small steps to how this will happen.
I also give a date that each step will be completed.
Be realistic about this. Not everything happens in a day, week or even a month.
8. Now find a place where you will look at this board everyday
Have fun with this.
Be Inspired,