Thursday, February 19, 2015

Read, Learn and Grow, a little still life

Jean Hart Artwork
Read, Learn and Grow
Read, Learn and Grow, acyclic, by artist Jean Hart

The best way I know how to get back into the studio and start painting is by setting up still lives.
 The last real still life I did was in art class;
where we sat and drew brown paper bags
 for the whole semester!
Since I haven't been painting lately.
  I thought this little still life would get me going again.
I used this simple little compositions to begin with.
The hardest things for me is to get the colors right.
My palette is strong and bold. I had to really bring it down for this painting.
The background and the table are so subtle and similar I really had to force the shadows.
If your just beginning to paint here is a list of brushes that I use.
1. small, medium, and large flat brushes.
2. Medium round brushes.
3. Liner brush.
4. Medium filbert brush.
5. Medium fan brush.
I also use an angled brush that I have grown to love the most.
Be Inspired,