Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The time of day

Jean Hart Artwork 

When you start wandering where did my day go?
 It's time to sit down and make your organized "to do list". 
What are the things you put on your list? 
For me it starts with appointments and phone calls.
1. Work, getting in the studio is hard some days, but each day I must find time to do so.
Even if that mean only 30 min. of cleaning up the art table.
2. Errands.  I live out of town so I try to only go once or twice a week. These are things like Banking, Post Office, stores, even going out to lunch and spa appointments fall into this category. 
3. Shopping for food. I keep an on going list so when I'm out I can pick something up.
4. Shopping for the house or clothes. Yes, this gets it's own to do time.
5. Home. House work is always scheduled in each day just to keep up on it.
Each day of the week has it's own room.
6. Education. I take many on line classes so I have to schedule time for being on the computer.
7. Personal. This is anything from meditation, exercise, to reading, home spa, and relaxing

I'm sure there are lots more items you can add to this list. 
But I don't like to get too tied to the time schedule because for me everything seems to take much longer then planned and before I know it the day is gone. 
Be Inspired,
~ jean