Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How do you like your regular coffee?

Jean Hart Artwork 
Doodle Cup by Jean Hart 

New York City,
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When New Yorkers order a regular coffee, they want it:
A. Black 
B. Black with sugar
C. with milk and sugar 
D. With milk, no sugar

Answer C.
With milk and sugar 
Regular coffee ordered not from a barista but "to go" from a harried waiter in a New York coffee shop, means with milk and sugar. This can be quite confusing to tourists from Chicago, where regular means black and Boston, where regular connotes, "milk, no sugar." But toss in a "poppy with shmear", (a poppy seed bagel with cream cheeses) and you've got a nice little New Your breakfast .

Wow, I never knew there was so many ways to order a regular coffee. Which is what I say when I want a black cup of coffee. 
However, a little "shmear" of cream cheese is always a good idea on any type of bagel. 
How do you order your coffee?