Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Take Me To The Wonderlands

Jean Hart Artwork 

Today's Assignment is to write a poem and paint a picture. 

Rainbow Forest, by artist Jean Hart 

Take Me To The Wonderlands 
Be Jean Hart 
Take me to the River,
to the wild side of life,
where I can see how 
dreams come true,
If only I believed. 

Take me to the wild wind,
and let it pull me up.
Where I can see the landscapes of
all diversity. 

Take me to the mountain face,
it's rocks are fragile but solid, 
 Where I can feel faith, 
while swing from the mountain tops,
on thin breaded threads. 

Take me to the wonderlands,
the place where silence lives,
where I can learn to speak 
the language of Gods love. 
Be Inspired,