Monday, April 25, 2016

A Vision Board with a twist.

by Jean Hart 

Vision Board Assignment 
I get asked all the time. 
How do you make a vision board? 
What should I put on it?
What's it for? 
A vision board is a personal vision of your life. 
I am taking a Positive  Psychology class and our first assignment is a 
Positive Profile of our emotions.
It's a lot like a vision board. 
There are 10 Positive emotions we all experience:
Joy, Gratitude,Serenity, Interest, Hope,  Pride , Amusement, Inspiration, Awe, Love
Here is the assignment as it came to me from my Positive Psychology Class on Coursa. 
I'm sharing this because I do vision boards all the time and this assignment is just a little different, but I think it is one that everyone would benefit from if they knew about it. 

Select one of the ten positive emotions described in Video 1.3 and reflect on the people and situations that serve as springboards of this pleasant state for you. Then, pull together a personalized set of objects and mementos that create for you a heartfelt connection to this one emotion. Assemble these into a portfolio, a physical collection that you build as a shrine to this one positive emotion. Your portfolio might contain photos, letters, songs, quotes, or objects that carry deep personal meaning for you. Get concrete here. Your goal is to create a new fusion of personal artifacts, personalized triggers that revive your heart with positivity each time you engage with them. You might store your portfolio in a simple file folder or box. If it appeals to you, you might create a small scrapbook or a new folder of images on your smart phone. Don’t rush the process. Savor it and enjoy. Others have found this activity to be deeply rewarding and uplifting. Don’t miss out! Once you’ve created your own personalized Positivity Portfolio, reflect on the process. Did making it spark any positive emotions in you? If you slow down and mindfully engage with the artifacts in your portfolio, can you generate the targeted emotion?

Be Inspired,