Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interview with an Artist

Making of an Artist
1st interview in this series
Interview with an Artist
Jean Hart

Many people have asked me what brought you to art?
It's a question the young talented artist ask or others who would like to know how to break into a difficult and competitive field.
My story is simple.
In the summer of 2001, I injured my back. I had to quit my work as a baker.
During my recovery I took art classes at Great Basin College.
I found that when I painted, I was not in pain. I could paint for hours at a time and time went by easily. Soon, I had developed friends in the art world who shared ideas and techniques with me..
It wasn't  long after that I that I started to show my artwork publicly. I received awards, ribbons and began being asked into art exhibits, not just locally but world wide.
In September, 2009, I started Jean Hart Artwork.
I tell people to join in on art organizations.
In 2011, I became an administrator of the ArtCanyonArtGallery.
This provided me with world artists and chances to exhibit in art shows around the world.
In 2013,  I was excepted into the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic.
This really opened my eyes to painting. The ideas, theories, techniques have been crucial to my development as a painter.
My paintings have been life inspiring. I often say, "If you have had an impression on me, you will probably see yourself in one of my painting".
My paintings were, and still are, my reflection of my physical recovery, which will be a life long physical therapy.
Persistence, really is the key to staying focused in art.
Truly loving what you paint.
Giving it away. Yes, I donate when ever I can.
I think everyone should own at least one original piece of artwork. There is really something magical about sitting with an original painting. One that you can feel and see the brush strokes.
The painting becomes alive and changes with the light. You just don't get that with prints.
I came to art out of a need to heal, I stay with art because I can't imagine a life without expression.
Be Inspired,