Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October's Aspects

October's Aspects
This month received its name from its earlier position in the Roman calendar (Octo means "eight' in Latin). In the Gregorian calendar it is the tenth month. Just shows how rulers like to mess with time by changing its name.
Full moon aspect: Blood Moon
Universal event: October 31, Summer's end
Communal event: Halloween celebrations, the spiral dance
Message: To let go, to clean, to remember
Activity: Preparing for winter
Healing properties: Sedation of nerves
Color: Blue
Tree; Yew
Flower: Calendula, cosmos
Creature: Mute swan
Gem: opal, tourmaline
I love October, the cold days and nights, the leaves falling and anything pumpkin.
I also like the idea that this month my nerves will be on a healing path. I have spent two years healing my atlas so it can tell my brain to rejuvenate my nerves down my spine and legs.
Each year I hunt for the best pumpkin so we can make a jack o lantern. It's great fun.

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