Monday, February 29, 2016

Clearing your Emotional Self

Jean Hart Artwork* 

Jean Hart Artist
Clearing your Emotional Self,
So I have been working with the Soul Coaching by Denise Linn.
Second week of clearing and decluttering. 
Is about water, clearing your emotional self. 
I've come to the end of the water week but not without a great deal of change.
We had a little "burp" from the septic tank.
All the toilets run over, all the drains in the house were filling up with backed up water and 
my dishwasher started to flood. 
After I spent the day cleaning all of this up.
(checking with my emotional self for any disturbance!)
 The toilets started working perfectly again, the sinks all draining.
Just as if noting had ever happened. 
Except for the kitchen floor was wet under the tiles and every time you stepped on them they seeped water up like a wound. Plus now the sub floor was starting to warp.
It has taken me all week to get someone out to help us with this problem.
  I'm still waiting on a few professionals to come. 
I'm thinking, what in the world is happening here? 
Yesterday, I was reviewing my journal,
 and I notice that I would love to have a new kitchen floor.
Thank YOU Universe for listening to me.
Maybe next time without  destroying  the house.
This week is FIRE.
Be Inspired,