Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Receive, the vision board

Soul Song, sold 
Lately I have been working on my vision broad. 
I found an app on my phone that lets me pick symbols and affirmations and lets me move these around freely and a colored background.
Well, the one thing I know for sure about vision boards is that you must be clear. 
If your vision is full of maybe's or I wish, I don't know, or even I don't care! Then be prepared for fuzzy unclear ops I didn't mean that gifts.
To receive a gift of love or help you must be grateful.
But, gratitude is for another blog another time.
Today, just start thinking about the things you would like and I like to put down my part in helping this happen and the rest is up the the Universe. 
Your not suppose to ask about the how's. 
But just make your list, prayer over it and be grateful. 
Have fun with this too.
My board, well it's pretty exciting since I understand that there are no limits to asking. 
Be Inspired,
Please enjoy the show.