Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome July

July Poppies, by Jean Hart
July, wonderful things happen in July.
This month is named after Julius Caesar, who reformed the entire Western calendar in 45 B.C.
July 's Aspects
FULL MOON: Harvest moon
Universal event: this is the month of increase, the beginning of the barley harvest. The days are starting to get shorter.
Message: to invent, to know, to succeed
Activity: To prosper, to enjoy, to grow in wisdom.
Healing properties: Prevention and protection
Color: Green/gray
Tree: Oak
Flower: Larkspur, water lily
Creature: Starling
Gem: Ruby
On a more personal note.
July is when I gave birth to my son Matthew.
July is when Sarah and Steve were married.
July is when Matthew and Andrea were married.
be inspired,