Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weigh In Day Sept 2014

Weigh In Day
Sept. 23, 2014

Started Jan, 2014
Beginning weight 250lbs
Today's 229.5
Total weight lost 20.5
BMI 38.3
cal. intake 1380
need to lose 81.4lbs

estimate date May 20, 2015

Jan 2014
Sept 2014

I went to the Doctor yesterday because I needed my blood pressure prescription refilled. The weigh in was quick and I didn't have my phone out for a picture. The good news is that I did not gain weight from my last visit. Even though I don't think I have been doing very well. I have been vacationing too much, eating out, drinking wine,.....etc... It must be the walking that has maintained my weight..
Unfortunately, my blood press is high.
So now once again I to keep a record for the next week or so and send it in.
Blood work has been ordered and a new appt. made soon.
I can not tell you how insane this makes me.
I have a new routine, working in the mornings. This I love but, I have to say it has taken away from my morning routine of journalizing, meditating, reading, and even blogging.
I have to figure out where and when I will do yoga, swim and walk. All in the afternoon hour when I'm fatigued, too tried to care.
So today I pulled a card from my Wisdom for Healing by Caroline Myss
Today's Lesson:
"Focus on conscious tranquility. No matter how stressful the day is, your intention is to remain centered and calm.
You Goal: to learn that you can control your psychic energy.
Again, such timely advice. Just reading this card relaxed me in some way. To center myself I must work off lists. It's just my way. Without them I'm lost.
I was just journalizing that my goals have all fallen away. Not that I have met them by any means. No, the end is too far out. I need something I can master and celebrate sooner.
1. I will go to Smith's pharmacy and record my B/P
It's the easiest and I think more accurate then the one I have at home.
2. Bineral Beats for High Blood Pressure will be added to my morning meditation.
3. Record my food, mostly salt in take. It must be high and I have to figure out where its hiding.
4. Yoga, swimming and of course walking. none of which I do regularly right now.
Change, again and always Change. I'm not one for too much change to quickly.
Psychic energy. I have been studying quantum healing lately. Pulling up the energy from the earth and the Universe and bring it into areas that need to be healed. I find it so fascinating.
Here is a great introduction to some of the aides I use to help with my health.
Energy healing
Blood Pressure binarl beats
Essential oils, if your interested in them.
Be Inspired,