Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Fine Art Exhibit, Jean Hart Artwork

Fall 2014
Fine Art Exhibit
Jean Hart

A Birds Story, monoprint, Jean Hart Artwork
It happens every year at this's that time of year again.Elko Daily Readers Choice awards. I am so honored to be on the list.
If you like my artwork please vote for me as artist. Than you for supporting me.
Fall, I love it!
Some of the best things in my life have happened in the Fall.
This Fall I have put some of my old favorites into this exhibit.
While clearing out my studio I came across some of these paintings. They are some of my oldest and dearest works. Some I had even forgotten about. So, it was like coming across old friends. A few have been sold or donated.
Please enjoy my artwork,
Enjoy Fall.
If you see somethings you like, messages me, I still have some of the originals, but I can always make you a print from my zazzle store.
Be Inspired,
The Red Canoe, one of my first paintings. Won first place in the Elko County Art Club Fall Show 2002
Red Canoe, acrylic 11"x 14"
Metropolis School Arch, Metropolis, NV
Acrylic 18" x 24"
Cow in the Field, acrylic 18" x 24"
Champion Award, LaVerne Hunt Memorial Thropy

Ruby Mountain at Dawn acrylic 11" x 14"

Boot's Lucky Day
acrylic 8" x 10"
Butterfly, acyclic, 8" x 10"
Maw Cow Parrots, acrylic 18" x 24"

Kangaroo, acrylic 11" x 14"

Blue Moon, acrylic 18" x 24"

Soul Song, acrylic 34" x 32, Sold

Ruby Dome, acrylic, 24' x 18" , sold

Wise Owl, acrylic 18" x 24

True North, acrylic, 5" x 7"

Remember, acrylic 11" x 24"

Meditation, acrylic 12" x 12 sold

Fall Leaves, acrylic 24" x 18 sold

Concepts and Ideas, acrylic 8" x 10"

Fall Poppies, color pencel, 5" x 7"

Earth, acrylic, 32" x 34, donated

Better Together, acrylic, 18" x 24" sold

Library Girl, colored pencil, 18" x 24, donated to Elko Children's Library

My Heart, acrylic 18" x 24", donated.