Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Third Season of Change, Examine Unfinished Business

Third Season of Change
Wisdom for
cards by
Caroline Myss
Today's Card
"Examine Unfinished Business"
Today's Lesson:
" Identify one piece of unfinished business(this could relate to a person or a task), then do one thing to bring it to closure. If you find that you're unable to do so, you've identified a major power leak and a serious block to you healing.
Yes this will give me plenty to do today....As the season turns colder and the days have already started to show less light, I see that I haven't made much progress on many of the things I was hoping to change.
Transformation of the physical has many levels of change.
While my weight stays the same, I find that my physical strength has increased. My desire to participate in continuing 5K's has increased to the point that I almost have a 5K event every weekend.
My learning to cook has been increased by the finding and enjoying Raley's cookbook. Unfortunately, these recipes our not low calorie, low sugar and even diet appropriate. But they sure are good.
My unfinished business is still to lose my 100lbs goal. It's now 80lbs so I can not stop.
That's the main goal. But to get there I have other goals that go along with it.
Exercise. Since school has started my daughter has gone back to work leaving me to exercise alone. AWE,,,,,big challenge .
There are plenty of more unfinished business's I have going on. But for this year that was my main one.
The next big business was developing strength in my back and knees.
Both are on track.
Unfinished Business:
Mentally: I have not read a single book this whole summer!!! Why?
Physically: Been very busy with yoga, walking, swimming.
Emotional: I need to get back on track, and be the lone exerciser.
Professional: Artwork. I have only been doing small sketches this year. I bought these little books of paper, 4" x 6" of pastel, acrylic, drawing etc. and they each have 40 pages. Do the math....that's close to 200 sheets of paper I have to draw on. It's keeping me busy.
But, these are not for sale. I can make zazzle note cards from the images and that works out well. But, not for exhibits, selling, or hanging them anywhere.
For that the artwork will have to be larger and framed.
Your Goal:
to understand that all experiences either make you bitter or better.
No I'm not bitter. I just know that all these unfinished businesses are up to me to complete. Yes the season is about to change. Yes, I have to get myself motivated yet again to start in where I left off. Sometimes I just want to stay home and hang out. But too much of that makes me lazy. So it's back to the scheduled calendar. The planning, putting everything into actions and setting goals.
I feel very incomplete right now.
Finding just the right piece to complete the picture.
Be Inspired,