Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weigh In Day after the vacation

Weigh In Day
August 10, 2014
Started Jan, 2014

Beginning weight 250lbs

Today's 230.8

Total weight lost 19.2

BMI 38.5

cal. intake 1388

need to lose 83lbs

estimate date May 20, 2015
A gain of 1.4 pounds.
Vacation, that's what happened. I had so much fun on my vacation. The family, the food, the wine, the cakes....yes there were cakes.
Something else happened when I got home though. I was kind of depressed, totally unmotivated, and didn't exercise at all or plan healthy meals.
I also did not get on the scale until today, a week after I got home from my vacation!
I just knew I had gained weight so I avoided the scale.
As it turns out there is a real depression that takes hold of you after a vacation.
Turning to YouTube I found this:
Post Vacation Stress
On Friday we went to Twin Falls for my chiropractor appointment and I got great news. I have improved so much that I can now come in every other week for an adjustment and P/T.
I credit losing weight to exercising, planning healthy meals and meditating.
This motivated me to get myself back on track. As you can see I have a lot more weight to lose and a long time to do it.
I got back on track first by drinking more water this week. I did not drink enough water over my vacation. It is the easiest step to take when you're trying to gather yourself back from a gain.
Second, I started adding more vegetables to my meals. Fresh raw vegetables and cooked. Limiting my fruits for now.
3. I brought out my measuring tools.
4. Started to use my Lose It app on my phone.
5. On Monday the exercise will come back.
I still have some mental work to do. I have to get better at looking at food as Risk/Reward. The risk of eating or drinking something, is it worth the depression of a gain, or the happiness of the Reward. It's a battle with each meal. I love to cook. This is one of the meals we made this week end and in the right proportion they can be eaten a stay within my calorie limit.
Bacon wrapped pork with Bourbon Barbecue Sauce 4 oz, harvest peaches 1/2 cup, homemade red mashed potatoes 2 table spoons, green beans with shallots, bacon and walnuts 1/2 cup, and a Cesar salad 1/2 cup.
I can't eat only lettuce and meat. But I can eat this. So if you plan your plans and keep with the measurements you don't have to feel deprived of tasty food.
Be Inspired,