Saturday, August 9, 2014

What My Soul Wants Me To Know ~ Energy

 What My Soul Wants Me To Know

Being the change I want see
Soul Coaching
cards by
Denise Linn
Today's Card
"Healing energy and immense vitality flow through me easily and effortlessly."
Okay, let's talk about energy. I have great news about the immense healing energy I am now receiving. I went to my Chiropactor appointment Friday and to his surprise my hips and spine were laying almost perfectly. I am so improved that he suggested that I should now come for adjustments and P/T every other week. This is down from twice a day when I first started.
I just came back from a weeks vacations where I walk several miles, hiked, went up and down stairs, did not use ice, my TEN Unit, or even took Advil.!!!!
This is never done by me. This vacation showed me in every little step that my body is getting stronger. I contribute this not only to my chiropactor but to my daily routine of meditating, walking, and yoga.
Card meaning:
Vitality, health, healing, and passion, these qualities are expanding in your life! You're a healer and a channel for the life force of the universe.
Your ability to sense energy fields is increasing dramatically.
Here's what I know about vitality, if you don't have it, you don't have passion. Without a passion the quality of life and living are gone. My life has expanded ten folds since I started exercising. I started well over a year ago with a personnel trainer at a gym. My daughter forced me to do this with her. With every step I whined, and cried, because it hurt. Looking back I can see I had the wrong attitude. She didn't care, she made me do it anyways. Did it get easier? NO, never.
 Was I glad I did it? You bet. I could see the results when we started to walk around NASCAR that year. I think my daughter is a healer and channeler of life. With her I have become more active.
Your Soul wants you to know:
When you hold back and repress what you feel, your body and spirit become drained; when you try to please everyone and deny yourself, your life force wanes. If you strive to meet everyone's expectations but forget to honor your own needs, your energy field becomes dull. Allowing your emotions and needs the freedom to be spontaneously expressed, however, causes waves of energy to expand inside of you. Running on your own resources, it's easy to become drained, however, letting the divine light of the Creator flow through you easily replenishes your Soul.
Isn't that the truth of things. Expectations not only everyone else's but my own have stopped me from doing more things then you can imagine. There is a certain comfort level about putting limits on myself. I have allowed this injury to keep me on the sidelines for many things, and not just physical activities. Yes, it is time for me to get moving, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and professionally. All of which I have let go of over the last two years.
 "Healing energy and immense vitality flow through me easily and effortlessly."
What will I do this week with this information.
Get moving for one.
I have been on vacation and instead of coming home all relaxed and ready to go to work. I got a little lazy, dull and unmotivated. I don't know why that is but I haven't jumped right back on my diet, gone into the studio to paint, or even exercised. So I really needed to hear what my Soul had to say.
This weeks list is this.
1. get myself back to yoga, or at least do a youtube tape
2. start a painting, the Elko County Fair is coming in only a few weeks!!
3. weigh myself and get back to it. Suck it up I'm sure I gained weight.
4. plan my next 5K walks
5. make my home maintenance list.....oh there are so many things after 28 years in this house that need fixing and painting.
6. find my Vitality, health, healing, and passion
My movie pick this week is
This movie had me on the edge of my sit the whole time. Talk about controlling energy!!! Oh, man, I never want to move so quickly that I supersede time....
Be Inspired,
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