Monday, August 11, 2014

Paul Cezanne Well ahead of his time in the arts

Paul Cezanne

Well ahead of his time in the arts.

I have been reading about Paul Cezanne life. Why does art cause so much depression???

He was one of the first in the Impressionists movement, but still had no real success until after years of painting and again once he died.
Why does art create a temperament in painters that they become emotional and filled with self doubt?
It made me sad to read that his life was filled with such despair and sadness.
He is one of my favorite painters. Here is a gallery of his paintings.

Please enjoy

 Today would be a good day to do a still life painting
                                           Pick one of Cezanne or create your own set up.
I will be going into the studio today. At this time each year I start painting madly for the County Fair. I started showing my artwork in the fair when I first started painting. As of lately though I think it has been close to two years since I have entered a painting.
Much depression over the years has slowed my interest in daily painting. I have such empathy for how painters feel when they paint.
The bottom line, as in life itself, we all want to be accepted, and appreciated for what we do.
Sometimes when I can not think of something to paint, or I'm just uninspired I will look at the "Masters" artwork and try to paint one of their works. I have several master painting of my own hanging in my house. One of my first assignments in art class was to trace Masters artwork.
What would it have been like to have taken a lesson from them?
Often when I just need to jump start myself in the studio I will begin with mandala's, circles, and abstract design until something starts to take shape.

Be Inspired,

Here are just a few of my still lifes.