Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Technical Tueday Balance, unity, diversity.

Technical Tuesday
Balance, unity, diversity. These are words you will hear when your artwork is being critiqued and judged.
They are principles that should be applied to your composition when laying out your work on paper.
Is your artwork interesting, is it pleasing, does it tell a story?
Which artwork do you find most appealing here. C or D?
Which one captures your attention?
Some things to consider are, color, shape, sizes.
stimulating, pleasing, balance and complexity.
I will not say to you which one is right  or wrong. But if you study one over the other in the answering of these qualities the answer will come to you.
You must be the one, as the artist, to make these kinds of decisions. They have to be given consideration when you compose a piece of artwork.
Remember, that all artwork is critiqued this way, even abstract art.
Be Inspired,