Thursday, September 5, 2013

September's Blue Moon

owl blue moon, jean hart
This month took its name from its earlier position in the calendar. September, Latin for seventh month. It became the ninth month when Julius Caesar changed the calendar and made January the first month.
Full moon: Harvest Moon
Universal event: Autumn Equinox, nature comes into balance
Message: To create, to prosper, to appreciate
Activity: Arts, crafts, courting future mates
Healing properties: Prevention through tonics
Color: Brown
Tree: Hazel
Flower: Aster
Creature: Snake
Gen: Sapphire.
September comes with lots of learning for me this fall. I have signed up to take classes at my local college.
My Blue Moon mail art program in Romania is due by the 15th.
I'm still working on my studio...on going project......but each day brings clearing, cleaning and making room for new creations.
Enjoy September
Be Inspired,