Monday, September 9, 2013


So what is the point of minimalism?
I went to Seattle and saw some of it at the Seattle Art Museum.
Looking at the one line drawn through a background of blue. I'm thinking, What's this all about?
Am I suppose to be transported to another realm? Am I using this art form to look deeper inside myself? Well, actually, I thought, as an artist, "I'm working too hard if this is whats getting into a serious museum."
Frank Stella once said of his paintings, "What you see is what you see."
Oh, okay, that clears it up.
When and where was minimalism popular, 1960-1975 USA.
Minimalism, because of its very form for having no subject or focal point to keep the viewer interested moved on to Conceptual Art.
Minimalism was a gateway to jump into Abstract and Conceptual artwork. It's place was needed for the cerebral movement to begin. Once people started to view the bold, daring, and emptiness in its simplicity. The viewer could easily move past it on to a piece they then could relate to in abstact form.
Some of the Minimalism artist you may want to look for are:
Carle Andre, Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse, Donald Judd.
Be Inspired,