Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Following My Bliss

What surrounds you is what you will become.
I came across a quote that touched off me drawing this little picture.
"Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible. and untouchable."
R. Buck minster Juller (1898-1983)
If you are wondering the big questions of, Who you are and What is your purpose?. Well, I'm not sure there is just one answer for that.
My thinking is that I will have to keep exploring myself and my world around me.
I recently gave much of my artwork away to a thrift shop in town. This brought on a lot of speculation about if I have given up being an artist.
The answer is NO. Not at all. I had to let go of the old artwork, to make room for the new artwork I see myself doing.
I love this quote. It was given to me by a very wise and dear person to me.
Not only did she say things like, "If you really want something you will make it happen for yourself."
But her next quote was, "Quitters never win and winners never quit."
Those are hard words to go against.
At a young age there was plenty I did not know how to get for myself, so following others examples of what I wanted to do was a good decision.
Once I was older, Never quiting was harder as things became harder to do.
No, I am not giving up art or being an artist. I love it too much.
I am now giving myself time to develop and explore how to become more creative. Investigating how my artwork can inspire and help others. Exploring all my options, uncovering all the possibilities and investigating where the new adventure will take me.
I have emptied nearly 3 bookcases of books. I can hardly wait to see what I fill them up with in the coming years.
I have let go of research books, reference books, and how tos, just so I can free my mind to let in new ideas, new techniques, new ways of living.
Be Inspired,