Monday, October 6, 2014

The Circle Is Complete

The Completed Journey
Jean Standing in Front of Old Faithful, Yellowstone WY
After three long years I have finally made it to Yellowstone.
Three years ago Kerry and I were on our way to Yellowstone. We stayed the night in Rexbury after a day of being out in the hills driving around on rough dirt roads. The next morning I could not get out of bed. I could not feel my right leg down to my toes. We had to turn around and go back home. We made a stop in Twin Falls because my daughter told as of a chiropractor that would be able to help me. Dr. Fox. Sure enough they got me in and he said yes we can fix this slip disc. But, be prepared to work hard and stay with the treatments and understand this will take time, atleast two years.
We moved into a hotel and stayed for a week. I went to see him twice a day. After that I went twice a week for the first year. It took over six months before I could feel my toes. My balance was off, I tripped, I fell and was still in pain. My routine was this:
Sit on ice, walk around the dining room, hallway, front room for 5 min. I set a timer, rest for 30 min, do a small amount of neck exercises, sit on ice,
Repeat althrough the day.
The only thing I did was the dishes and that took me hours, showered, and made simple frozen meals.
That was my life and I barely had energy to do that.
After two years of therapy, the feelings in my legs came back. I was slowly picking up more house chores and shopping. My trips to Twin Falls now were once a week.
This year, I started exercising. Sarah and I went to a gym and had a trainer help to build my strength up. Here, I might add that I was also coming off a knee surgery and heart failure.
No energy, no strength, progress was slow and discouraging.
But, Sarah kept at me and we were a team. I had a goal of walking around NASCAR that year.
Last January a Yoga studio opened up. Sarah and I felt it was time to center ourselves better. The gym was great but suddenly we felt we needed something more holistic for the mind, body, soul.
Yoga has been wonderful. I do what I can. It's slow and I'm a beginner. I may always be a beginner, and I 'm fine with that.
I started walking 5K's, which is 3.2 miles.
My last x-ray reported improvement, my 5L actually moved a little back into place. Which surgery Doctors told me would never happen. I can feel my legs, and feet. I go to Twin Falls to see Dr. Noel every other week. My energy and strength has returned to a livable level.
Now here's the cool part.
I meet my goal of getting back to Yellowstone.
Kerry and I standing in front of Old Faithful at Yellowstone.
It was so cold I have two sweat shirts and a heavy coat on. But, I don't care, I made it back.
The circle is complete.
I'm not done with therapy, I may never be done since the 5L disc is still out of place. But I can learn to live with it now. I can walk, exercise, paint, and still have adventures.
The most critical stage of this recovery is over.
What's on my next adventure list?

Walking more 5K's
Hiking parts of the Continental Divide Trail
Be Inspired,