Monday, October 20, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
from Paris smarts
Jean and Sarah in Paris, Las Vegas, NV
True or False
The French government regulates the price of baguettes.
In fact, the government regulates the price of all breads. A prix du pain sign in the window of a boulangerie will tell you the going rate.
So, it could be higher or lower each day. Hard to budget that way..

Baguette Definition
n. noun
  1. A long narrow loaf of French bread.
  2. A gem cut in the form of a narrow rectangle.
  3. The form of such a gem.
I love baguette's with warm brie cheese or butter melting on it.
When we hike, Kerry and I like to take a baguette and a block of cheese with us. It's light to carry and tastes great outdoors.
Enjoy and remember the cost could change day to day.
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