Wednesday, October 8, 2014

what comes after your goal is met?

Fourth Season of Chance

Fall 2014
Soul Coaching cards
Denise Linn
When I have finished a goal I get a bit lost. I don't know what to do with myself. I worked so hard to get where I am now. But, look there is always stuff to learn. When I say Transformation, it wasn't that I felt I had to change myself, it was that I had to set goals, get myself moving, strong physically and mentally. What I found lacking in my life was discipline. When my world became so small that I did not leave my house it did not matter what I did with my time. The truth is life goes on. If you do not get yourself moving, pull yourself up and get back into life, life will leave you behind.
Those are my thoughts for today.
My card for today:
"I have deep inner strength and glorious vitality!"
Now, I find this interesting. I can read, watch video's and listen to self help tapes, but truly, it will have to come from me, the glorious vitality!
I have accomplished a great deal this year. I had one goal that not only effected me but my family. My goal was so strong in front of me that someone would say I was obsessed about it. But don't you think you have to be consumed with your own goals to have them come true. The word that keeps coming back to me is discipline.
I will put it together with today's card.
Strength to be disciplined in my life.
That seems like a good affirmation, or motto.
Cards Meaning: There's a wellspring of power with in you. Lend your strength to others.
Great. Lending your strength, or self to others.
SERVICE TO OTHER'S. Yes, that too has come my way.  I volunteer my help to students who need extra time to learn good study habits.
Your Soul wants you to know: The greatest strength is silent and deep. It doesn't need a show of force.. it just is. Inner power is found through contemplation, refection, and meditation. Sometimes it comes from times of growth and change, other times it springs from surviving and conquering painful situations.
Oh, yes I love this. With all the blogging, talking, meditating, journaling, etc.....I felt that I had to say my goals out loud, to everyone, just to keep me true to my word.
Here is what I have learned about myself after 3/4 of a years transformation.
I am an artist, I inspire, I bring emotions to images, I bring people to memories,
I bring myself to the world,
that is who I am.
"I have deep inner strength and glorious vitality!"
I have an affirmation notebook I write these in. I write them 10 times, no that's not a magical number. It takes me that long before it become memorized. I feel once I have memorized something it become part of me.
New Goals are being formed in my head and heart.
I can not yet list them for you because they are just little ideas bubbling up.
Some ideas are too big and have to be pared down and accepted in a smaller form.
Acceptance of course is a wonderful level of understanding too.
Be Inspired,