Sunday, October 19, 2014

What my soul wants me to know -Grace

What My Soul Wants Me To Know
Jean Hart artist
Soul Coaching
cards by
Denise Linn
Today's Card

"I graciously accept the infinite love of the universe!"

Gard Meaning: Be gracious and understanding with yourself. Angels, guides, and spiritual guardians are watching over you and cherishing you. Kindly honor the reality of others.

For me today, Grace is so special. I have so many things to be happy about. So, many goals have been met. But, just as life is not or ever will be without problems, it should not ever be without new challenges. The Universe will not let there be a void in your life.
I have recently had to stop, and ask Arch Angel Micheal to step into my life and give Arch Angel Raphael a hand with my health.  In the early Fall morning, when I meditate and I lite all the candles the room fills with angels and guides. I have been told they are drawn to candle lite. Sometimes, my life gets overwhelmed, confusing, and I need to hand it over to the spirit guardians. Which is what I have done the last couple of weeks.
Their answer to me and I am so happy to graciously accept.:
It is not the problems, the goals, or the set backs that have created my life. No, it is the way I have gone about solving, achieving and accepting my life, that has created my life. 
Your Soul wants you to know:
 "There's a spiritual nobility that accompanies true grace. Even if you absolutely know that your opinion is right, sometimes it's wise not to push your point. Let it drop, it's not that important. ..."
Being still, quiet, calm is not in my nature. But, it has become the most important lesson for me lately. I can not tell you how many times I have had to bite my tongue just so I would stop talking. This is because so much information is coming to me lately that I want to share it.
I'm wondering if anyone else does this. I often have 3-4 books going at one time. I have books in each room, by each chair that are left with a bookmark ready to be picked up and continued.
Information is literally at my finger tips.  
This is tough, but I know I can't read everything so I must listen to others share.
 Give me the Grace to be still, quiet, calm.
"I graciously accept the infinite love of the universe!"
My goals have been set. My Angels are in place. My prayers are said out loud, and life will continue whether I participate or not.
The biggest thing right now is to trust the universe and know in my heart that I am loved.
Grace is accepting what you can not change. Grace is the compassion to understand and stop questioning. Grace is saying thank you.
So I make lists. Seriously, not everything gets done each day. That is not what my list is for. It is a list that gets me up and moving. This list says you made it, your alive. This list after awhile tells me what I like, what I don't, What I want, What I have.
 This list is created by me to create the life I want.
This weeks list is created to being courageous, being compassionate, self love, and nonviolent towards myself or others. Building this foundation is found in the day to day chores of life.
"I graciously accept the infinite love of the universe!"
Truly, this is a great affirmation. Well worth the time to write it, recite it and live it.
Be Inspired,