Saturday, October 4, 2014

St John's Episcopal Church, Labyrinth

St. John's Episcopal Church
I love labyrinth's. Whenever I travel I always look up the town to see if there is a labyrinth to walk.
This one came on me accidentally. I was walking around Jackson after lunch, it was so beautiful I thought it was a park. Just down the garden path was this labyrinth. 
Here is the quote from the brochue I picked up.
 "The path enters on the East, and will take you to the center and out again if you remain on the path. Your meditative walk may be viewed as a three stage process.
The first stage of the process is moving to the center of the labyrinth, releasing and letting go of the details of your life, bringing quiet to the mind.
The second is when you reach the center, This is a place of meditation, illumination, and prayer. The Hebrew Scriptures, represent God's people journeying to a land of Promise, To Zion, to sacred places. The Psalms also bear witness to this yearning deep within the heart of the Covenant people.
The third state begins as you leave the center, union, which is joining God, your Higher Power or the healing forces at work in the world. The winding walk of the labyrinth symbolizes a pilgrim's walk with God.
 It is not a maze, there are no tricks to it and no dead ends. The path winds throughout and becomes a mirror to the way we live our lives, so walk it with an open heart, and mind.
By walking the path of the labyrinth, we are rediscovering a long forgotten ritual used as a walking meditation and a spiritual tool. The labyrinth is a tool that helps us to look within for the answers we need. It teaches us to recognize the wider pattern of our lives and the work in harmony with each other. The winding path becomes a mirror for our lives. each of us is on a unique spiritual journey with our separate joys, sorrow, twists, and turn.
The labyrinth walk is different each time one walks it. Often people find peace, solace, release and a deep sense of joy. When walked with a community of people, the is a shared journey. "
I find labyrinths to be very peaceful, and inspiring.
Be Inspired,