Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good Idea's

Soul Song, Acrylic, 32" x 36" S0LD Jean Hart Artwork

Where do you go for good ideas?
As an artist I am often asked this question.
It's a good question and I have lots of answers for ideas.
Many of my ideas for paintings come from my own life.
I have often said,
"If you have left an impression on my life there's a good chance you will find yourself in one of my paintings".
Aside from that my sources are many.
Now that I'm connected to the Internet I find it fun to surf around and find new works of art.
Since my artwork is considered "Outsider" art. I find inspirations on YouTube's "how to paint", a very good source of information.
Just as a writer is told to write about the things he knows about, I too think that a artist will paint the things they are interested in.
When I first started to paint, I painted landscapes, tress, streams....etc. Nothing that really interested me. But I was told, and to some degree believed that if I wanted to sell I had to paint landscapes.
Well, surprise, surprise, I have found conceptual painting far more interesting, and lucrative.
Good ideas come to you when you are curious and aware of your surrounding. They come when you least except them and they come by sharing thoughts and ideas with others.
Be Inspired,