Sunday, August 2, 2015

Notice that special person

Wisdom for Healing cards
Caroline Myss 

Today's card
Notice That Special Person 
Today's Lesson:
On this day, take notice of someone whom you've previously ignored. That person is your teacher, your special angel, and he or she will do or say something you've been waiting for, just because you're recognizing the beauty of his or her spirit. 
It has been a long time coming. To open my doors and let people in.
In preparation for the Full Blue Moon, I washed all my mirrors and widows in my entry way. Cleaned and polished all the doors and swung them open. 
But, it was in cleaning my computer screen that opened up two new friendships ....
The self reflections of the shoes is about just that.
Could we be friends if you wore high heels and I wore flip flops? 
Could we go to the same events? 
There are many paths to becoming self aware. 
Carl Jung has a blueprint of the levels for human existence: 
The physical/material, the emotional, the mental, 
and the spiritual. 
Carl Jung felt that the only way to experience complete happiness was to have each level be balanced.
I have been working mostly on the physical and mental this last year. 
Almost completely ignoring the emotional and spiritual level.
But, then again this is what life is all about......the constant improving and learning about ourselves.
My journal now has columns drawn in for each of these levels.  
So which shoes do I walk in........
the ones that are most comfortable for me and the ones that are specific for my journey. 
Your  Goal:
to see that everyone is capable of helping you heal, and vice versa. 
My healers are many, and many of them do not even know each other.
I have a team I have built over the years that I rely on when I need specific help.
There are Doctors, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, massage therapist, instructors, mentor, 
and life coaches. 
Healing requires you to find support with the people you can trust with your most 
confidential self. 
My vice versa is that when I learn something, I pass it on to everyone I see. 
I share it here with you. 
Be Inspired,