Monday, August 10, 2015

Inspired Heart Practice

Jean Hart Artwork
Inspired Heart 
Photo by Jean Hart 
new wine glasses 

Today's Inspired Heart practice is about wine glasses, wine and getting it right .

Glasses in my home come and go.
I've been married for over 35 years, with two children and countless animals.
Having a matching glass would be a treat.
I have decided that it's time to go back to the basics of setting up a home.
After all I am an  adult now with children gone from my home.
I should have matching glassware.
I consulted Emily Post on this matter and below  is her list for glassware every home should have. 
6 tumblers 
6 juice glasses
8 or 12 old-fashioned or one the rocks glasses
8 or 12 wineglasses 
8 or 12 iced tea or highball glasses 

and you should also keep on the ready for guests,
liqueur glasses
champagne glasses 

Now keeping in mind I truly do not have the space for the variety she has listed.
I'm going to start with wine glasses.
In my cabinets are a random amount of wine glasses. Some are souvenirs of places I've visited
and others have holiday designs on them.
I just bought a small box of 4 red and white wine glasses.
Simple, clean, study wine glasses, with short stems. No designs, 
This goes along with all the de-cluttering and clearing out I'm doing. 
Interesting enough just this morning I find an article about California Wines.
Unfortunately for me one of my favorite wines is on this list . 

Lawsuit Claims California Wines Contain Dangerous Arsenic Levels

Wineries deny allegations, insist their products are safe and plaintiffs' research is flawed

Be Inspired,