Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer transformation

Wisdom for healing cards.
by Caroline Myss

Today's card
Chose to Empower Yourself 

Today's Lesson:
This is a day to practice the power of choice. Choose the quality of mood you want, this is, whether you'll adopt a positive or negative attitude. the choice is up to you !

Yes, choice is always up to you. I sometimes think we need help to understand our choices. 
When I took my physical I was asked if I would like to see a Health and Wellness coach.
I said yes, mistakenly thinking she was a nutritionist who was going to help me with my weight.
No, she said. I will help you with your choices to have a satisfying life. 
Well, it's been interesting and I will continue to go .

Your Goal:
to realize that you do have the ability to enhance your life each day!

 Here are a few things that I have decided to do to enhance my life.
1. I will always have flowers around me.
2. I will always wear perfume, and I do have a signature scent now.
3. I will always wear lipstick, even if I'm alone at home.
4. I will always look to make my home more comfortable, clean and organized.
5. I will always travel with our 5k walks.
6. I will always cook with real foods, no more processed foods.
Kitchen is closed from 1-5pm each day. 
7. I will always make time to read 
8. I will get off the computer and walk each day
9. I will donate to important causes I support
10. I will keep looking for creative ways to live. 
I'm sure there's more but I was given 3 things to work on this month and I had to pick something.
Be Inspired,