Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This is Jax's story

This is Jax's Story

Jax has left the Tower

Jax exploring the snow
I'm letting go. I saw Tangled the 3D movie, Awesome, but it got me to thinking that its time to let the kittens go.  Jax has left the "Tower". I have had this little kitten since it was born in the Spring. I thought that maybe he should be an inside cat, but truly he needs to go out and explore the world. It is the right thing to do and I pray that I don't loose him. He is part of the world so I have let him go free to have adventures.
Here is how I came to have kitten:
I wanted a cat for my studio and my husband said "no, we have two cats." So I brought each one into the studio and asked them if they would like to stay here and be my "studio cat." Each one looked around and promptly left for the outside world. So than I said I want a "kitten" and will get one in spring when kittens are born. Again, Kerry said "no!" Well not more than two days later a small beautiful gray and white cat shows up in my garage, and she's pregnant!!! I brought her into my studio, two days later she had five kittens so not only do I have a studio cat but studio Kittens. Isn't the Universe wonderful????
The mommy cat we named Gabby, and we kept two of her kitten. Jax and Sassy. Slowly they are learning about the outside world.

Sassy and Jax dreaming of adventures
 Be inspired,