Thursday, August 6, 2015

French Kiss life, ooh la la

It's time to 
French Kiss Life again.
I belong to the Frenchkisslifeclub.
Each week we are given a practice.
It's just a starting point and I often find that I have read something or seen something in my day that will inspire my heart to continue this practice on my own.
Today is just that day.
I have been clearing out my closets and getting my clothes organized.
Like many people who shop for clothes I have lots of hangers that are plastic, slippery, and odd.
Just yesterday, I went out and bought myself what I call luxury hangers.
They are soft, sturdy, and all match.
I even got my signature color, purple.
Next, luxurious thing I did was to invest in lingerie .
For years I have been wearing old Tshirst and flannel jammies .....
Don't get me wrong, I've been doing it for years.
But, I felt it's time to step it up a bit.
I love romance novels and movies.
Have you ever read about the beautiful lingerie the heroine wears.
It go something like this.
" She gracefully entered the room wearing her silky gorgeous gown with stretch lace bodice  and spaghetti straps that crisscross over her slightly tanned back........(fill in the rest yourself)..
But you get the point.
So I'm off to be the star of my own book and buy a few silky romantic lingerie peignoir sets and hang them on my new soft hangers. 
ooh  la la 
this is how I'm french kissing my life 
Be Inspired,